Little Towns & Big Towns

This is Reese! And this is my new blog. I will share mostly recipes and local restaurant reviews, because I am the sort of human who mostly eats. Here and there, I’ll throw in some fangirling and book-loving, DIY projects, antique-ing adventures, and general laments about public education and life as an (aspiring, unemployed) social worker.

The title of this blog is, of course, from the opening number of Beauty and the Beast. I’ve been thinking about the phrase “this provincial life” ever since I purchased a poster of Belle encountering the Tardis, ready to go on her first adventure in the great wide somewhere (this is surely the first of many Doctor Who references to come).

I love my provincial life. I have a husband with a really cool beard and we fall asleep while watching Clone Wars every night. I have a beautiful, unique family and some friends who make me seem cooler than I am. I live in the best Big Town, where the Blackhawks will most certainly win the Stanley Cup again. I have an internship with Chicago Public Schools and get to make awesome and nerdy social-emotional learning projects with my students.

I’m looking for more. I’m looking for magic in a broken city. I’m trying to grow out the hair on my toes so I can have hobbit feet. Maybe eating my way to more truth, more hope, and more healing isn’t the best way to effect change, but that’s how I’m going to start.

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